Are you ceoliac, suffer from IBS, have an intolerance to gluten, dairy, soya, egg or other dietary requirements? Do you find it hard to find delicious foods to eat?


Twins Kathrine and Margaret, have expanded and now bake and display from the Mottistone Farm Shop,  Mottistone, which also stocks Mottistone Farm meat, open Wednesday to Sunday 11 to 5 - so pop along and see us, Farm shop No 01983 741560...

We invite you to view our website and visit our weekly Farmers Market and pick yourself a weekly treat sampling our range 'Baked on the Isle of Wight' GLUTEN FREE products.  

We are fully aware of how hard it can be when you suffer from food allergies and are committed to supporting and helping 'you' who have special dietry needs, ensuring you do not have to miss out on the pleasure of enjoying delicious food.   

We bake in a GLUTEN FREE environment. 

We ONLY bake homemade GLUTEN FREE FOOD, a selection of Savoury, Sweet and Special Occasion food.

Generally our cakes are DAIRY and SOYA free, Quiches are SOYA free but not DAIRY free - Please check carefully the ingredients list on our shopping cart (This information is not included on our ingredients labels as these tests have not been completed).  

We have had the majority of our products "Gluten Immunoassay Tested" this means todate all have been below <20m and therefore "GLUTEN FREE" in line with Coeliac Society, Environment Health and Trading Standard legistlation/Regulation dated January 2012 .  The balance of our products all reach the standard "No Gluten Containing Ingredients", as discussed and agreed procedures with both our local Authorities. 

Our savoury, sweet and special occasion food can also be baked to include SOYA, FRUCTOSE (Fruit Sugar), suitable for DIABETICS, VEGETARIAN, EGG FREE and EGG replacement ingredients, please specify via telephone or email prior to placing your order.

Meeting your dietary needs - On request we also make foods to order so you can put in a special request if there are other foods that you cannot tolerate, say: onions or tomatoes!

Farmers Markets - please feel free to come along and have a look to see what we are selling or alternatively you can ring through to us an order and we will bring it along to the market for you to collect together with a 10% discount. 

All ingredients are locally sourced where possible and are all GLUTEN FREE. 

Sample boxes are available through the online shop. If a follow up order is received we will refund this cost. 

Anticipate delivery 7-10 days


Exciting update:   Where you can find our yummy 'Baked on the Isle of Wight' products!!!

Savoury: Quiches, Pasties and Pies.   Sweet: Cakes, Sponges, Muffins, Scones and Brownies.    Celebrations:  Christmas Puddings, Birthday Cakes and Party Cakes/Buffet! 

   Isle of Wight:

   The Old Thatched Tea Room, Old Shanklin,

  Sharon Orchard, Ryde,

   Browns Putting, Sandown

   Wight Alpacas, Wellow,    

   Old Smithy, Godshill

   Catch "IOW" Ltd, Freshwater

  The Yarbridge Inn, Brading    

  Old World Tea Room, Godshill

  Gossips Resturant, Yarmouth 

  Under the Umbrellatree E Cowes

  Leafy Bean, Shanklin

  King Lud Pub, Ryde

 East Dean Centre, Bonchurch

 Clifton Hotel, Shanklin  

 HF Holiday Ltd, Freshwater Bay

 Medina Valley Centre, Newport

 Fat Fish, Shanklin

 Ventnor Putting Green, Ventnor

 Brown Riggs Farm Shop, Godshill 

   Medina Food Services - stock our products and deliver to IOW, Dorset and Hampshire..................

    The Main Land

   The Bakers, Fareham, Hampshire   

   Visit the Isle of Wight Coeliac Site - Great places to eat out!

   Coeliac Notice Board - Great Reviews!

   We attend Newport Farmers Market every Friday  (8 - 2pm) and Ryde Farmers Market every Saturday (8 - 12.30pm) . 

"I have been a diagnosed coeliac for the past 13 years and during this time I
have sampled and lived on a variety of gluten free products in over 15
countries around the world. I recently sampled a good portion of the Twins
range which I believe sets a new standard for Gluten free baking/cooking. What
'Twins' have produced is not just food without gluten, but rather a very wide
range of products made with high quality ingredients, and a healthy amount of
love. The result of this passion and attention to detail is a superb array of
products with outstanding and often novel flavour profiles.

Glenn Kearney M Sc, B Phed

Nutritionist to the Olympic and Paralympic GB Athletics team, 2009 - present

All Black Nutritionist, 2003 - 2008"